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Garp v3 Docs

Welcome to Garp! Garp is a framework and CMS built on top of Zend Framework.

Getting started

To start a Garp project on your machine, check out the Garp Scaffold project. It lets you setup a blank project using Composer's create-project.

Garp on the command-line

Garp installs a g binary into vendor/bin. It helps you perform numerous tasks, such as asset distribution, cache clearing, adding users, shortcuts for git-flow or Amazon AWS.

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Running Garp projects

The easiest way to start is to use our Docker configuration for Garp 3.

Upgrading from an old version?

  • The changelog will tell you exactly what to do.

Documentation roughly grouped into meaningful sections:





Garp is not a front-end framework per se, but the Garp Scaffold is opinionated and contains a Gulpfile.js and some JS dependencies.

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