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Contains ansible/vagrant deployment stuff for dota2rails and alacrity repos
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Contains ansible/vagrant deployment stuff for dota2rails and alacrity repos


vagrant up --no-provision

DigitalOcean (see notes for other steps):

vagrant up --no-provision --provider=digital_ocean


  • If you vagrant up, vagrant destroy, vagrant up, you will have the wrong ssh key for the new servers still in your known_hosts, remove it with ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/known_hosts -R and

  • If you vagrant destroy, also delete node_modules from the matchurls repo, so they are reinstalled from scratch correctly. Perhaps I should change provisioning to download from github rather than using submodules and synced/shared folders?

  • Ansible uses a forwarded ssh agent to access github repos (for installing ruby) on the virtual machines, so you must be running this from a machine that has an ssh key registered with and with password already input. If provisioning fails on talking to github, run ssh -T locally and enter your passphrase to save it to your keyring.

  • To use this with DigitalOcean, see

Places you need to enter your info (in the ansible folder):

  • group_vars/all: s3 credentials and steam api key

  • group_vars/matchurls: steam account login info and steam guard code

  • group_vars/mqservers: your email sending account

  • whatever other values in group_vars or hosts or Vagrantfile that you wish to change

Things to confirm are running:

  • nginx

  • unicorn

  • app.js (via nodejs forever)

  • celery

  • rabbitmq

  • mongodb

Places to check for errors:

  • /var/log/nginx/error.log

  • /webapps/dota2rails/log/production.log

  • ~/.forever/(4 random characters).log (matchurls/steam login issues)


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