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I absolutely love it!!!
I was looking forward some new version of Locationbar2
but, yours swept it away!!!

One issue:
in Tools>Addons
the Options button of your addon doesn't work:
when you press it, it just shows "Problem loa..."


Works perfectly fine here, may be a problem related to your firefox ?
Basically I do not cover the Addons page problem, that is Mozilla's problem . :|

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I use Firefox 9.0.1, and even with clean profile
installing only your addon,
and it's Options button doesn't work.


Update: I found the options: they appear only when you doubleclick on the addon name

  • the button itself doesn't work (it should be removed)

Have you tried clean profile ?
It works absolutely fine in my system and some other people's system


You were right.
It was this extension I have installed Extension Options Menu 2.1
It causes the Options button of your addon to appear only via Firefox button>Addons>UI Enhancer (=via that addon).
But, when trying to access it through Tools>Addons, I got that error - it was blocked by that addon.

Thanks anyway!

PS. I thought that I did tried clean profie - but, got confused and it didn't really work at first.
I reported this problem here


I quote my post from here

I found what the problem was, and it has to do with Firefox itself (the EOM add-on had nothing to do):
to recreate it yourself:

  • make a clean Firefox profile,
  • install only the forementioned UI Enhancer addon (or whatever other addon that displays its Options inside the Addons Manager and not in a seperate window)
  • go to Tools>Add-ons (or Firefox button>Add-ons , or doubleclick on the add-ons name -it's all the same-) and in the initial/alphabetical listing you press the add-on's Options button: It will display the options inside the addons Manager window, ok, as expected.

-BUT, if, (inside the addons Manager window), you press the cogwheel icon dropdown menu and click "View Recent Updates"
and in that view you click once more the add-on's Options button,
then you will surely get that popup error.

In other words, the Options button for addons that display their Options inside inside the Addons Manager
doesn't work in the "Recent Updates" view.

And I filed a bug in Bugzilla:


Thanks :)

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Feature Request #16

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