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Resources for doing data journalism with R.

This is a curated list of online resources for learning R in the context of data journalism. The live version is available under


There are two ways you can contribute:

Contribute content

Saw a good article on using R for some data journalism? You can either send me the link and some description to timo(at), OR fork this project. All you need to do is to edit content/content.json and send me a pull request. Attention: Please consider the already existing structure of the JSON file, e.g.:

  • Reuse existing chapter names in the chapter key (you can of course also open up a new chapter if nothing existing suits you).
  • For level only use Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • For time use something like x - y [minutes, hours] or x [minute(s), hour(s)], although it is better to specify a range.
  • For type also reuse something already existing if possible.

Thank you!

Contribute to the website in general

In this case, you need to install all the dependencies and have npm, bower and grunt-cli installed. Then cd in the local clone of your fork, and

npm install
bower install

Then, in order to run a test server with live preview,

grunt serve

Send me a pull request if you've made changes! I'll integrate them if it makes sense and build myself.


  • Add filter options.
  • Add date to links in order to sort them by age.
  • Get rid of Bower.
  • Get rid of Grunt.
  • Use Markdown instead of JSON
  • Use webpack or npm scripts.
  • Remove D3 dependecy, or only load base system, if possible (D3 modules with v4).
  • Add date/time field for links (so that, somewhen in the future, old/deprecated links can be removed or deactivated).
  • Add RSS feed.

Link checks

All links work as of:

  • October 29th, 2016


Site uses SSL as suggested by


Resources for doing data journalism with R.







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