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A tool like netcat but may be better.


  • Listen local port
  • Connect to ip:port
  • Transform command to remote machine
  • "Fake" port forwarding

How to install it

Install go first.

After you install go and config it well:

go get
go build

How to use it

  1. Basic mode:
  • Server mode: ./netgo -l -p 6666
  • Client mode: ./netgo -a localhost -p 6666

You can use the modes just the way you use in netcat.

  1. You can use it to transform file also:
./netgo -l -p 6666 > 2.txt
cat 1.txt | ./netgo -a localhost -p 6666

  1. Also use it to transform shell:

Forward shell:

./netgo -l -p 6666
./netgo -a localhost -p 6666 -e /bin/bash

Reverse shell:

./netgo -l -p 6666 -e /bin/bash
./netgo -a localhost -p 6666

Another way:

bash -c "bash -i &>/dev/tcp/localhost/6666 0>&1"
./netgo -l -p 6666

  1. What's more, try it:
./netgo -a -p 80 -html

  1. Port forwarding

The first: Listen two port at the same time, and two ports are connected:

./netgo -a localhost -p 6666 -p 6667

Use it when you don't have public ip address:

./netgo -a xx.xx.xx.xx -p 6666 -e /bin/bash
./netgo -a xx.xx.xx.xx -p 6667

The second: Forward your local port to the remote machine which has a public ip address.

./netgo -a localhost -p 6666 -p 6667

And bind you local port forward by:

./netgo -a localhost -p 80 -rhost xx.xx.xx.xx:6666

Then others can visit your port by:

./netgo -a xx.xx.xx.xx -p 6667

Note: The two port forwarding way has a disadvantage: the port can only get 1 client, so I say it's fake :)

To do list

  • Rebuild Code
  • Specification error message
  • Limit client number more effective
  • Encrypted message

How to contribute

Fork it and push.

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