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An OAuth implementation in XQuery
XQuery Perl
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This repository contains an OAuth implementation written in XQuery. It
relies on several MarkLogic extensions at the moment, so if you're not
running on MarkLogic server, you'll have to write a few bits.

Also, there's no native implementation of the HMAC-SHA1 signing algorithm
at the moment, so this script relies on a web service to compute that.
If you want to setup the web service yourself, my current implementation
is in perl, hmac-sha1.

Docs, etc. to follow. (In the fullness of time, like the next ice age,
probably. If you have questions, feel free to ask.)

P.S. There's definitely a bug or two at the moment, some requests
succeed others report invalid signature. I'll fix that as soon as I
can figure it out.

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