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Following issues can be found at
To be fixed at some point in the future, hopefully:
#10 - Showing footnotes at end-of-page or as sidebar [output]
#9 - Support for more granular input [input]
#8 - Support for PDF output [output]
#7 - Improve support for showing footnotes 'inline' [output]
#6 - Improve error handling of missing files [input]
Version 1.1
Fixed in this release:
#16 - Image support for xhtml/wikipedia input adapter [input]
#15 - Image support for wordml input adapter [input]
#14 - ut:message fails on empty input [other]
#13 - Extra demo material [docs]
#12 - New wikipedia input adapter [input]
#11 - Improved wordml input adapter [input]
#4 - Add release docs [docs] (e.g. this document)
#3 - duplicate ids when multiple toc, lof, lot, index [output]
#2 - html input-adapter only accepts xhtml [input]
#1 - Bit more clear license statement [docs]
Version 1.0
Initial version.
Won't Fix
Issues inherent to design, or wishes beyond scope of this project:
#5 - Debug indentation disturbs epub layout [output]
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