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The XProc E-Book Processor is an end-user application. The distribution therefore includes all necessary dependencies, apart from Java Run-Time.
- Java Run-Time 1.5 or higher
Included (Java) packages
Located under 'lib' folder:
- XMLCalabash 0.9.35
- Saxon-HE (required by XMLCalabash)
- Apache Commons Codes 1.3 (required by XMLCalabash)
- Apache Commons Httpclient 3.1 (required by XMLCalabash)
- Apache Commons IO 1.3.1 (required by XMLCalabash)
- Apache Commons Logging 1.1.1 (required by XMLCalabash)
- Epubcheck 1.2 (for ePub validation)
- Saxon 6.5.5 (required by Epubcheck)
- Jing version 20091111 (required by Epubcheck)
- Apache XML Commons Resolver 1.2 (for local DTD resolving)
Also included is an XProc extension package:
- grtjn-xproc-utils (for the extension step ut:sys-info, source available under 'src' folder)
- Unpack the distribution package to a suitable location.
- Make sure 'java' is available from the command-line (by adding it to the PATH environment variable)
- Open a command-box in the root of where you unpacked the E-Book Processor
- Run the following command-line:
java -cp .;lib\resolver.jar;lib\calabash-0.9.35.jar;lib\grtjn-xproc-utils.jar -Dcom.xmlcalabash.phonehome=false com.xmlcalabash.drivers.Main -D -E -U -c lib/grtjn-xproc-utils.xml -i source=in/mult001mill01_01.xml src\nl\grtjn\xproc\ebook\main.xpl
- This should produce an epub file of the example file 'Millioenenstudien' by 'Multatuli'. It should be written as 'out/mult001mill01_01-default.epub'.
- Windows/DOS users can also use the 'run.bat' file. To do the same as above, call it as follows:
run.bat in/mult001mill01_01.xml
- Call run.bat without parameters for further usage.
DTD references to internet
- If internet access goes through a Proxy server, you may need to add the following parameters to the command-line, just after 'java'. Make sure to replace '...' with suitable values. User and Password can be left out if not applicable:
-Dhttp.proxyHost=... -Dhttp.proxyPort=... -Dhttp.proxyUser=... -Dhttp.proxyPassword...
- Internet access is usually necessary to access DTDs that are referenced from DOCTYPEs using HTTP references.
- You could also put the dtd with all its modules in the 'dtd' folder, and add an entry to the 'catalog.xml' file in the same directory.
Other resources
- docs/
- Contains the documentations, including: this file, notices, license, buglist, and a readme.
- etc/
- Contains anything related to styling and templating. The application comes with three styles: 'default', 'dbnl', and 'medieval'.
- in/
- Contains a TEI 2 encoded XML file containing the booklet 'Millioenenstudien' by 'Multatuli'. It was the XProc challenge example file
- log/
- A 'run.log' file will be written to this folder on each run. See '' for details.
- Debug files will be written to this folder as well if debug is activated by passing in 'debug=true' at the end of the command-line
- src/
- Contains all XProc, XSLT, and Java logic used in this application.
- tmp/
- Is used to build up the contents of each epub file, and will be cleared on each run.
Already mentioned:
- The 'dtd' folder, containing TEI dtd, and appropriate catalog
- The 'lib' folder, containing all necessary (Java) packages to run the application