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Use the single, statically known Calabash extension library URI. #18

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...instead of the 3 relative URIs pointing at files in a grand-grand-grand-uncle directory of utils.xpl.


Thnx, didn't come round to doing this myself.

Unfortunately, latest copy of my xproc-ebook-conv app doesn't include a version of XMLCalabash that allows this yet, I thought. Need to update that too.

Will hopefully have time to do so somewhere in upcoming weeks.. :-/

Good. Because with this change, your library does not have dependencies to other "local" files anymore (relative paths are local files, even if they point to a copy of a "standard" file). So it could be packaged as a real independent, general-purpose XProc library.


I should login to github more often, hadn't noticed this was a pull request! :-O

@grtjn grtjn merged commit 46348cf into grtjn:master
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Commits on Jul 16, 2012
Showing with 2 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +2 −4 src/nl/grtjn/xproc/util/utils.xpl
6 src/nl/grtjn/xproc/util/utils.xpl
@@ -37,9 +37,7 @@
<!-- extension declarations provided for xmlcalabash -->
- <p:import href="../../../../com/xmlcalabash/extensions/library-1.0.xpl" />
- <p:import href="../../../../com/xmlcalabash/extensions/fileutils.xpl" />
- <p:import href="../../../../com/xmlcalabash/extensions/osutils.xpl" />
+ <p:import href=""/>
| Step delete
@@ -633,4 +631,4 @@
- </p:library>
+ </p:library>
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