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Brackets extension that displays a preview when hovering over items like color values and image filenames
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NOTE: Hover Preview was merged into Brackets Sprint 24

This repo is for historical purposes only

Hover Preview

This is a Brackets extension that shows a preview when the cursor is hovered over certain items.

This currently works with gradients, colors and images. If you can think of other things you'd like to see in the preview, please let me know, or even better, submit a pull request.


  1. Download and unzip it; or clone this repo on GitHub
  2. Copy the copied/cloned folder into the Brackets extensions/user folder
  3. Restart Brackets.

When the cursor is over a gradient value, color value or an image name, a preview of the value is shown.


Here are a few screenshots of the extension in action.

Hovering over a color value:

Hovering over a gradient:

Hovering over an image filename:


Add plug-in mechanism so other value providers can be added.


  • 01may13 - This extension is now deprecated. All functionality has been merged into Brackets.
  • 21mar13 v0.4 - Add image size
  • 14feb13 v0.3.1 - Make work with Brackets Sprint 20 (no functional changes)
  • 28jan13 v0.3 - Changes:
    • Handle absolute URLs for images
    • Fixed flickering on image preview
    • Position preview below selection if it doesn't fit above
    • Made highlighting translucent so it doesn't block selection highlight
    • Support color names
    • Improve color matching regex
    • Fix intermittent uncaught exception
  • 19oct12 v0.2 - Visual tweaks & bug fixes
  • 04oct12 v0.1 - Initial Release
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