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Cryptocurrency for #YxYY
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YesCoin - The Cryptocurrency for the Yes and Yes Yes Community

This is a fork of Bitcoin and all the usual methods apply. Contact for more information about getting started mining.

Principles of the Coin

  • Encourage play & experimentation
  • Promote social gesturing (tipping, etc)
  • Enable community trading without fiat currency
  • Create a durable asset for long-term community value


  • Premine for distribution to current YxYY community members: 1,250,000
  • New block target every 2 minutes
  • Difficulty recalculated every 2 blocks, maximum increase of 5%
  • Current mining good faith rule is that 1,250,000 coins will be contributed by all miners proportionate to their holdings (a kind of wealth tax) and distributed pro rata to all YxYY members at the beginning of each Yes Year (marked by the annual event); subject to change by community vote each year at the event
  • We are likely to adjust these mechanics based on early experimentation at YxYY 002.
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