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A simple wrapper around the FLOWFACT API.

  • Uses Guzzle for HTTP requests.
  • Features a fluent interface for building HTTP queries: build any resource path via dynamic method calls
  • Returns HTTP responses according to PSR-7

##Usage example Building resource paths (ie. /users/<UUID>/contacs/<UUID>) through chaining method calls with the name of the desired resource prefixed by either for or get. Single resources can be specified by passing the identifier as an argument to the call denoting the resource, same goes for adding query parameters.

The request is finally made by calling an HTTP method at the end of the chain.

// install via Composer
composer require gruentee/flowfact-api-php

// initialize client
$client = new Client('USERNAME', 'PASSWORD', 'CUSTOMER_ID', 'https://api.baseurl.tld/');

// build URL: prefix the desired resource with "get" or "for"
// /users/68ed219e-5755-11e6-8b77-86f30ca893d3/contacts
// submit request
$response = $client->get();
// POST /users/68ed219e-5755-11e6-8b77-86f30ca893d3/contacts
$data = [
    'name' => ['lastname' => 'TestUser']

$resp = $client->forUsers('AAC94B33-01F8-3783-B597-AE7456DF1B78')


  • Map XML and JSON responses to PHP classes corresponding to response models

###Thanks Idea of intercepting method calls borrowed from [sendgrid/php-http-client](https://github .com/sendgrid/php-http-client/). 👍

#About FLOWFACT logo ProfessionalCenter Logo

This project was built during an educational cooperation project by the Professional Center of the University of Cologne and the FLOWFACT GmbH.


A simple wrapper around Guzze for easily accessing the FLOWFACT API, featuring a fluent interface



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