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shakespeare sonnet app with flutter, using bloc pattern/redux
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Instant Shakespeare

Instant Shakespeare

An app that allows you to randomly grab a Shakespeare sonnet. Includes night mode, and line count for a better Shakespeare reading experience.

I'm using PoetryDB to get the sonnets themselves, and it is licensed under the GNU Public License v2.

I'm Gabriel Ruiz, a software developer from the Bay Area. I work as a frontend developer. Here is my GitHub. Actually, this is my first time building a full-on mobile app!

Targets, Instructions, other Logistics

I don't have an iOS developer account. I just used the emulator.

The device I emulated was the iPhone X, running on iOS 12.1. So it'd probably be best if you ran it on that platform.

I have no special instructions. Just an ordinary Flutter app. I only used http and RxDart as far as external dependencies go.

Maybe just flutter packages get to install http and rxdart?

Why did I build this?

  • Current poetry reading solutions on mobile are not that great.
  • One of my friends off-handedly mentioned Flutter, and it sounded interesting.
  • I wanted to break into getting to know ReactiveX in some way, as well as the BLoC pattern.
  • I wanted to create something that inched towards a good poetry reader on mobile. That includes theme changing and line count.
  • Really, I just love Shakespeare.

Architecture/Technical Details

Thankfully this happened to be 5,118 bytes using the find command! lol

Anyways, I only really used rxdart for state management, and http for getting data from the API.

I tried to conform to the BLoC Pattern as much as I could from one night of reading about it.

I have my BLoCs in the bloc folder:

  • one for theme data, theme_bloc.dart (in a future iteration of this app, I hoped to give the users options to select more themes than just dark mode and light mode)
  • one for sonnet data, sonnet_bloc.dart.

In the data folder, I have get_sonnet.dart, whose sole purpose is to provide a Singleton SonnetAPI object to request data from PoetryDB.

In models, I have sonnet.dart, which contains a Sonnet class to de-serialize the responses from the server.

Pretty much all of my UI data is in main.dart, and it relies upon those three things.

For really throwaway-ish UI functions, like line numbers and sonnet number changing on the view, I used a plain old setState. Honestly, there's probably a better way to do that stuff than I did with BLoCs, but I'm not adept enough yet with the BLoC pattern or RxDart to know any better.

Regrets/Future Iterations

  • If I had more space than 5kb, I would have included a loading view.
  • I couldn't figure out how to app icon. This is literally my first time developing a full-blown mobile app. I'm a frontend web developer, and I've only toyed around with React Native before.
  • In future iterations, I want to include a way to save sonnets with SQLite, line highlighting, and more poets.


MIT License.

I've included a copy of the license in this folder.

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