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Small script to download results of a reddit search in .json/.xml format. [mainProject]
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Reddit Search Download

Small script to download reddit search results in json and xml format.

The function reddit_search_download(title,format,subreddit,query,sort,t) takes in 6 arguments:

  • title - String, what you'd like your file to be titled
  • format - String, either "json" or "xml"
  • subreddit - String, what subreddit you wish to search
  • query - String, what you actually want to search on that subreddit
  • sort - String, what you sort by, from "relevance", "new", "hot", "top", "comments"
  • t - What timeframe you'd like to search, from "all", "hour", "day", "week", "month", "year"

As an example, I downloaded search results in /r/manga for the query "[RT!]" from the past month based on relevance using this:

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