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<a href=>SQLite</a> bindings for
<a //href=>Node</a>.
The semantics conform somewhat to those of the <a
href=>HTML5 Web SQL API</a>,
plus some extensions. Also, only the synchronous API is implemented;
the asynchronous API is a big TODO item.
The spiritual home of node-sqlite is at
<a href=></a>.
The code lives at <a href=></a>
<? readfile('examples.html') ?>
<li>Install <a //href=>Node</a> and
<a href=>SQLite</a>.
<li>Get the code
$ git clone git://
<li>Configure and build
$ cd node-sqlite
$ node-waf configure
$ node-waf build
$ node test.js
$ node doc/examples.js
The two files needed to use this library are <code>sqlite.js</code> and
<code>build/default/sqlite3_bindings.node</code>; copy them where you need