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gallery preparator

App creates photo galleries in bulk.

Source directory contains serveral subdirectories with photos.

Program converts photos to destination direcories in required size perserving ratio.

It also generates thumbnails subdirectory.

After transformation of gallery you can rotate pictures - in bulk also.

Gallery_preparator also saves file "" in target directory. This file is PHP style config file containig name for the gallery, detailed description and id of title photo.

Target is usable as source for photo galleries written for web or simply generated by javascript apps like (It is what I use).

Program works in console and it asks for parameters (source dir, target dir, size of photos,...). You can also use its "core" module separatelly for bulk conversion in your program environment.


Program uses gettext so it is translatable to different languages. This time it has base English and Czech translation (my mother language).


  • python 3 - tested with 3.4, 3.5
  • pillow


Currently there is not pypi binary. Use source installation:

  • create python virtual environment
  • activate it
  • download this repository

run (virtual env activated):

$ python build
$ python install


Then you can run this app (virtual env activated):

$ gallery_preparator

How Does It Work

First program asks for source directory. They are two questions:

  • base directory
  • particular subdirecory with photos

The reason for doing it in two steps is that you may have more subdirs in base directory. Program remebers base direcory and in next turn you don't need to provide this path again and again if you have more subidrs with photos.

Target is provided similar way: Base direcory where you galleries reside and subdirectory for one particular gallery.

Then you provide name for your gallery, next description with possible html tags (all in one line - not very sophisticated way ;)

Next you provide size of photos and size of thumbnails. Longer side only. The shorter size is calculated from ratio. Ratio is perserved.

Then the program prints summary of parameters povided by you and you can confirm it or decline. In case of decline you are asked for all questions again. Previously provided values are offered as defaults - so you provide corrected values only.

If everything is OK you confirm that. Then the conversion runs.

The questionary looks like this:

Source base directory with picture directory(s) []:
Source subdirectory with pictures []:
Destination base directory for galleries []:
Destination subdirectory for the gallery []:
Name for gallery (fee text) []:
Description (free text include html tags) - all in one line. Write "x" for erase existing text.:
Required size for picture (dimension of longer side) []:
Required size for thumbnail (dimension of longer side) [220]:

Then you are asked if you want rotate some pictures. It is supposed you have possibility preview your gallery and you can see if position of photos is correct.

Also rotations go in bulk. You provide nubers of pictures with one character saying rotation direction. For example: 4l means photo No 4 rotate left. You can provide all symbols separated by space. If more adacent photos needs the same rotation, you can provide range this way: 14-19r - means pictures nuber 14 to 19 all rotate right. Rotation 180 degrees has symbol u.

Rotate pictures? [y/N] ? y
Rotate pictures in directory /tmp/gal2 [Y/n]: y
Pictures numbers and direction of rotation (example: 6l 12r 16-23l 14r 35u):


I use this application by myself so I do some improvements from time to time. This version is enough for me but if you try it and get some idea what to make better, I'll be glad for your inspiration.

Surelly I want to rewrite structure of files and directories to standard python package and put in to pypi. Sometimes... ;)


Program transforms picutre directories into form usable for gallery makers.







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