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This repository contains source code for "filter as you type" functionality for documents and files in Sitefinity
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This repository contains source code for "filter as you type" functionality for documents and files in Sitefinity


Works with all Sitefinity versions above 6.3

Video demo:

Click on the image below to watch a video demonstration:

Filter as you type

License information

This project has been released under the Apache License, version 2.0, the text of which is included in the repository.

Installation instructions

  • Clone the repository to your file system
  • Open SitefintiyWebApp in Visual Studio
  • Copy the CustomWidgets folder and paste it inside the SitefinityWebApp
  • Copy the Installer class and paste it in the SitefinityWebApp
  • Open Properties -> AssemblyInfo and put the following line at the end: [assembly: PreApplicationStartMethod(typeof(Installer), "PreApplicationStart")]
  • Build the solution
  • Open the project in browser
  • Navigate to Administration -> Settings -> Advanced -> ContentView -> Controls -> FrontendDocuments -> Views and click to Create new View
  • Select DownloadListViewMasterElement as a type and add the following values to the fields:
  • ThumbnailType = BigIcons
  • Allow aging = True
  • Allow URL Queries = True
  • Disable sorting = False
  • Filter expression = Visible = true AND Status = Live
  • Items per page = 20
  • Allow users to set number of items per page = True
  • Sort expression = PublicationDate DESC
  • Template evaluation mode = None
  • Parent ID = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
  • Render links in Master View = True
  • Enable social sharing = False
  • DisplayMode = Read
  • ResourceClassId = DocumentsResources
  • ViewName = CustomMasterListView
  • ViewType = SitefinityWebApp.CustomWidgets.DownloadList.CustomMasterListView, SitefinityWebApp
  • Save changes

How to test:

  • Go to Content -> Documents & Files and make sure to upload several documents
  • Go to Pages and create new Standard page
  • In Advanced options section check Enable ViewState
  • From the toolboxes sidebar expand CustomWidgets section
  • Drag & Drop the CustomDownloadList Widget on the page
  • Publish and view the page

Additional resources:

For more detailed explanation on the code see: My personal blog - Sitefinity tips and tricks

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