Yet another GoCD python client
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gocd_logo Yet another GoCD python client


This library is a high level python API wrapper upon ThoughtWorks GoCD REST API. From the official documentation:

Go Continuous Delivery is continuous integration/deployment server, which helps you automate and streamline the build-test-release cycle for worry-free.

Using it, you can access to internals of the Pipelines, check their statuses, download Artifacts and more. It is designed with maximum comfort and productivity from the user perspective, so it should be very easy to use it in your own project. More information is available at official documentation


$ pip install yagocd

Quick example

from yagocd import Yagocd

go = Yagocd(
    auth=('user', 'password'),
        'verify': False  # skip verification for SSL certificates.

for pipeline in go.pipelines:   # Iterate over all pipelines
    for instance in pipeline:   # Iterate over each instance of some pipeline
        for stage in instance:  # Iterate over each stages of some pipeline instance
            for job in stage:   # Iterate over each job of some pipeline
                for root, folder, files in job.artifacts:  # Iterate over artifacts like `os.walk` manner
                    for artifact in files:

                # print property of each job
                for key, value in
                    print("{} => {}".format(key, value))

Different implementations of GoCD API

Here is list of similar projects, that implements GoCD API: