Bluetooth Low Energy Tools and Library for Android
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Bluetooth Low Energy Tools for Android

This collection of tools and utility classes is meant for making the use of the bluetooth low energy functions of the Android 4.3+ easier. This project has just started and I don't have a common pattern how to implement all the goals. If you're working on BLE and have some reusable functions or classes please consider adding them to this collection of tools.

The goals of the project are as follows:

  • design and implement patterns for the communication with BLE sensors
  • implement parsers for all the known characteristics
  • collect and implement parsers for proprietary sensors and characteristics
  • implement classes to read all values of a sensor
  • implement a fingerprint DB for sensors

Since this project is quite fresh, there are no releases yet. Classes and functions might change quite often. Please clone and use it as a sub-project in your Android project.