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A tool for exporting additional data from Slack that is missing from the official data export.
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Slack Advanced Exporter

The Slack Advanced Exporter is a tool for supplementing official data exports from Slack with the other bits and pieces that these don't include.

Current Features

This tool can supplement an official Slack team export by adding the following to it:

  • Users' e-mail addresses
  • File Uploads


Release binaries can be downloaded from release tags on Github here.


First, run a full export of your Slack team, and have the produced zip file handy.

Due to archive/zip limitations, these actions cannot modify archive in place. It's preferable to fetch e-mails first to avoid copying large attachments around.

Add users' e-mails to your export.

To fetch all users' e-mail addresses and add them to the archive, user this command:

./slack-advanced-exporter --input-archive --output-archive fetch-emails --api-token xoxp-123...

You'll need to obtain an API token here.

Add all the File Attachments to your export.

To fetch all the file attachments referenced in your Slack team export andd add them to the archive, use this command:

./slack-advanced-exporter --input-archive --output-archive fetch-attachments


If you encounter a bug in this tool, please file a bug report on its Github issue tracker.

Development Plans

I'm interested in adding features to this application to export anything else that it is possible to export but which isn't included in the existing Slack export archives. PRs and Issues welcome.


Pull requests are welcome. Please ensure that you comply with the requirements below:

  • Only data that is not included in the official team export feature should be exported by this tool - if it's already in the official export, there's no need for it here.
  • Ensure you only request what is needed, to avoid unnecessary load being placed on servers.
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