Simple distraction free mode for Emacs, like Writer for Mac / iPad, but with Emacs
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darkroom-mode.el - Distraction free editing mode

This is a simple Emacs mode that is designed to enforce the user to be focussed only on what he/she is writing. This mode is optimized for writing text, but not programming. It will center the current frame on the screen and select Lucida Sans Typewriter as the default font with a font size of 16pt.

Basically the Idea is based on some writing focussed modes for Emacs and of course the gorgeous marketing of iA Writer. Using my patched darkroom-mode I want to show that it is easily possible to achieve the same result with only a single and free plugin for Emacs.

After endless hours of user research we found that this mode is the best and the default settings are the ones to keep. Howver, all the possibilities to configure your editor remain intact.

Shamelessly idea copy of

Best run editors run darkroom-mode on Emacs



git clone "path-to-where-you-put-darkroom-mode"

Modify your .emacs to be able to load darkroom-mode

   (add-to-list 'load-path "path-to-where-you-put-darkroom-mode")
   (require 'darkroom-mode)

To run darkroom-mode you only have to execute

   M-x darkroom-mode   


Attached a screenshot of the darkroommode on a mac


With activated darkroom-mode



The mode allows little configuration to adjust the display to the users needs. The most important options are:

  (defvar darkroom-mode-face-foreground "Lucida Sans Typewriter"
    "The foreground color of the default face")

  (defvar darkroom-mode-face-size 160
    "Default font size" )

  (defvar darkroom-mode-center-margin 100
    Defines the width of the center part in darkroom-mode")


  • Original Author: Martin Svenson
  • Usage: M-x darkroom-mode
  • License: free for all usages/modifications/distributions/whatever.
  • Requirements: w32-fullscreen.el or something similar under *nix