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Part three: League CouchApp

Which software needs to be installed on the server side

  • NodeJS 0.4.11
  • CouchDB 1.0.2


Copy config.sample.json to config.json.

Enter the values of your setup. Check the resources folder for available locales.

  • env: this should be "development" or "production". It determines if the app will use minified css and js or not.
  • locale: the language of frontend. Check the resources folder for available locales.
  • cdn: if you deply the static files to different host on your production server, enter the server name.
  • rev: if you need a cache-folder in the path to your CDN, change this value to the current folder.
  • ga: if you want to track your app with Google Analytics, enter your key here.
  • socketconf: the host and port of the webserver on which the mobileapp runs.
  • couchdb: the host and port of your CouchDB server and also the name of your database.
  • scoreboard: enter the names of table figures. Set inverted to true, if "Visitors" should be displayed first on the scoreboard.

Deployment ###

We recommend you to deploy the CouchApp with soca. The config.js within the directory determines the structure of the design-document. You have to configure the path to your database to which soca should deploy. For this create a file named .couchapprc in the league folder with the following content:

  "env": {
    "default": {
      "db": "<host>:<port>/<database>"

To install soca execute:

sudo gem install soca

You also have to create a document with the id config in your database. The content of this document should be the same as your config.json. If you don't have the document in your DB use the following commands to put the local config.json in your database:

sed s/\"env\"/\"_id\":\"config\",\"env\"/ config.json > /tmp/config.json 
curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d @/tmp/config.json

To check if the league application is running correctly, open the following URL:

and replace the IP and Port according to your personal settings. If you don't access CouchDB directly, but through a proxy, make sure that this is the URL you use as a forward directive.

Startup ###

First start your CouchDB server. Now you can start the calc.js script in the lib folder with NodeJS. This will recalculate your league after each game with named players.

For convenience we provide a simple init script in lib which can be used to start and stop the nodejs server as a daemon.

Build Process ###

We recommend you to setup up a build process in your deployment tool to create the minified versions of the Stylesheet and JavaScript by yourself. We're recommending less.js and uglify-js for this task.

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