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Part two: Mobile Webapp

Which software needs to be installed on the server side

  • NodeJS 0.4.12
  • NPM 1.0.26
  • NPM Modules: socket.io 0.8.4, express 2.4.x, oauth 0.9.x and mustache 0.3.x


Copy config.sample.json to config.json.

Enter the values of your setup. Check the resources folder for available locales.

  • locale: the language of frontend. Check the resources folder for available locales.
  • cdn: if you deploy the static files to different host on your production server, enter the server name. If you need a cache-folder in the path to your CDN, change rev to the current folder.
  • ga: if you want to track your app with Google Analytics, enter your key here.
  • server: the port where NodeJS can bind the HTTP server on. You can also configure the port for your websockets.
  • socketconf: the host and port to which the client connects. if the websocket url is different then the webapp url enter it here.
  • couchdb: the host and port of your CouchDB server and also the name of your database.
  • scoreboard: enter the names of table figures. Set inverted to true, if "Visitors" should be displayed first on the scoreboard.
  • ruleset: set your preferred game behavior. You can find the rulesets in rules.json. Edit and add rules as you like.
  • twitter: the credentials of the twitter app which allows sending tweets. (See "Twitter" below).

Server startup

Start the server with the startup.bash script in the lib folder.

On the production server modify startup.bash so that the ENV variable is set to production for better performance.

Build Process

We recommend you to setup up a build process in your deployment tool to create the minified versions of the Stylesheet and JavaScript by yourself. We're recommend less.js and uglify-js for this task.


The server tweets the game result to Twitter. If you don't want to use this, remove the twitter entry. Otherwise go to twitter.com create an account for your table and then register a new twitter app and enter the given credentials you'll see at the app. Only this allows the app to tweet. You can also define an array of hashtags.