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Redmine Burndowns


This plugin adds a 'Burndown' tab to your Project Menu for any Project with the 'Burndowns' module enabled (Settings>Modules).

This tab will show the Burndown chart for the current Sprint (cough Version cough), and also give a sidebar listing of all previous Sprints to see their Burndown chart as well. The Burndown Chart shows the current work remaining in red and an ideal trend line in grey.


The Redmine Burndowns plugin depends on the excellent googlecharts gems by Matt Aimonetti. This can be installed with:

sudo gem install mattetti-googlecharts --source=

If you'd like, you may also unpack the gem into your Redmine deploy by adding the following to your environment.rb file:

config.gem 'mattetti-googlecharts', :lib => 'gchart', :version => ">=1.3.6"

and then running:

rake gems:unpack

Copyright (c) 2009 Scrum Alliance, released under the MIT license.

Authored by: