Provides a basic parser for the system topology and cache information stored in /sys/devices/system/cpu
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systopo by Martin Grund

systopo is a very simple parser written in C++ that allows to parse the content of /sys/devices/system/cpu and automatically creates a small hierarchy of dependent objects. The goal of systopo is to automatically retrieve information about the NUMA nodes, number of cores and the cache hierarchy of the system.

To build systopo download the archive and executed make. This will build the library and a small test binary.

NOTE: The program will only run on recent Linux systems with a 2.6.* kernel and probably only Intel processors.

The system topology features the following fields

struct Cache
    size_t coherency_line_size;
    size_t level;
    size_t number_of_sets;
    size_t physical_line_partition;
    size_t size;
    size_t ways_of_associativity;

    std::string type;


struct Topology
    size_t core_id;
    size_t physical_package_id;
    std::vector<size_t> core_siblings;
    std::vector<size_t> thread_siblings;

struct CPU
    std::vector<Cache> caches;
    Topology topology;

struct System
    std::vector<CPU> cpus;
    std::vector<size_t> online_cpus;
    std::vector<size_t> offline_cpus;