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corrected density.clif

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gruninger committed Jan 26, 2019
1 parent 7c1de02 commit 55907b80d82735b018bafb801c5d143866776381
Showing with 4 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +4 −4 ontologies/density/density.clif
@@ -34,25 +34,25 @@
(if (and (amount m)
(spatial_volume v)
(field a))
(= (dmv (mult_mass a m) v) (mult_density a (dmv m v)))))
(= (dmv v (mult_mass a m)) (mult_density a (dmv v m)))))

(forall (a m v)
(if (and (amount m)
(spatial_volume v)
(field a))
(= (dmv m (mult_volume a v)) (mult_density a (dmv m v)))))
(= (dmv (mult_volume a v) m) (mult_density a (dmv v m)))))

(forall (m1 m2 v)
(if (and (amount m1)
(amount m2)
(spatial_volume v))
(= (dmv (add_mass m1 m2) v) (add_density (dmv m1 v) (dmv m2 v)))))
(= (dmv v (add_mass m1 m2)) (add_density (dmv v m1) (dmv v m2)))))

(forall (m v1 v2)
(if (and (mass m)
(spatial_volume v1)
(spatial_volume v2))
(= (dmv m (add_volume v1 v2)) (add_density (dmv m v1) (dmv m v2)))))
(= (dmv (add_volume v1 v2) m) (add_density (dmv v1 m) (dmv v2 m)))))


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