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yvonneru committed Mar 31, 2017
1 parent 21ee523 commit c3ac5c84a4a085a8e25ed1f6124e5a9b131445f4
@@ -0,0 +1,16 @@
(cl-text "Extensionality: Two objects that are not in a containment relationship have at least some uncommon piece. There does not exist any two objects with no uncommon pieces, if the two pieces are all common (shared and identical), which means they share the same spatial area, the same shape, the same size, and the substance/material contained in them are exactly identical, then the two objects are hence identical and can be identified as the same object.")
(forall (x y w)
(if (and (properPieceOf w x)
(not (x=y))
(not (and (containedIn x y)
(containedIn y x)))
(exists (z)
(iff (properPieceOf z x)
(not (properPieceOf z y)))))

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