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How can i require a specific ruby library version? I ran into issues with having the latest susy beta installed, but i need to require ~> 1.0 when running grunt compass.

currently i have to uninstall the beta before running grunt, and then reinstalling it when i need it. ><

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That's what Bundler is for. Questions => StackOverflow ;)


I apologize for not providing enough information up front... i was in a bit of a hurry..

I have a gem version specified via bundler but grunt compass does not respect it.


gem 'susy', '~> 1.0'


module.exports = {
  app: {
    options: {
      require : [

it still tries compiling the sass with the susy 2.0 library


@sindresorhus can you re-open this issue?

@vladikoff vladikoff reopened this Jan 28, 2014
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You have to use the bundleExec option:


👍 perfect. thnx!

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