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## archive
Type: `String` or `Function`
+Modes: `zip` `tar`
This is used to define where to output the archive. Each target can only have one output file.
If the type is a Function it must return a String.
+*This option is only appropriate for many-files-to-one compression modes like zip and tar. For gzip for example, please use grunt's standard src/dest specifications.*
## mode
Type: `String`
This is used to define which mode to use, currently supports `gzip`, `deflate`, `deflateRaw`, `tar`, `tgz` (tar gzip) and `zip`.
Automatically detected per dest:src pair, but can be overridden per target if desired.
-## level (zip only)
+## level
Type: `Integer`
+Modes: `zip`
Default: 1
Sets the level of archive compression.

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