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Phantom JS installed but not found. #45

rlemaire opened this Issue Mar 25, 2013 · 11 comments

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The jasmine plugin is complaining about PhantomJS although phantom is installed :

$ npm install grunt-contrib-jasmine --save-dev
$ npm install grunt-lib-phantomjs
$ grunt jasmine 
Running "jasmine:pivotal" (jasmine) task
Testing jasmine specs via phantom

Running PhantomJS...ERROR
>> In order for this task to work properly, PhantomJS must be installed locally
>> via NPM. If you're seeing this message, generally that means the NPM install
>> has failed. Please submit an issue providing as much detail as possible at:
Warning: PhantomJS not found. Use --force to continue.
$ ls -1 node_modules/
$ phantomjs --version
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The task uses the local version of phantomjs, installed via grunt-lib-phantomjs (and its dependencies). There may have been a problem with that installation so you can try removing your node_modules directory and reinstalling.


I am getting this issue as well even after removing node modules and re-installing.


Yes deleting and reinstalling doesn't change anything.

I'm on Mac OS Mountain Lion.


I'm having the same issue on OS X 10.7.5. A reinstallation of node_modules dir doesn't help.

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looking into it now

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Related to Medium/phantomjs#38 and gruntjs/grunt-lib-phantomjs#17

You can fix this immediately by temporarily depending on an explicit version of phantomjs. Add "phantomjs" : "1.8.2-0" to your package.json and npm install.

Looking into the problem further for a non-temporary fix.


Confirmed that this temporary fix works. Thanks @jsoverson!


The fixed worked for me, but not for a co-worker this morning. For him I had him change the phantomjs dependency to 1.9.0-0 and npm complained that it wasn't compatible, but the tests we needed to run worked at least.

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@aterribleidea, 1.9.0-0 still has the problem I saw earlier, so I'm surprised that worked.

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Should be fixed with phantomjs 1.9.0-1 installed via gruntjs/grunt-lib-phantomjs#19

Published in contrib-jasmine 0.4.2

@jsoverson jsoverson closed this Apr 4, 2013
rlemaire commented Apr 5, 2013

Yes, I no longer have the problem after the update.


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