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phantomjs options passing #82

jakerella opened this Issue September 10, 2013 · 2 comments

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Jordan Kasper Jarrod Overson
Jordan Kasper

It looks like the task file, on line 98, passes the entire options object into phantomjs, but it looks like, based on line 40 that it should be options.phantomjs. I haven't made this change in my code (or submitted a PR) because this could break for people using the options object directly.

I guess I'm just looking for feedback on whether the options object was intended to work that way or what. Thanks!

Jarrod Overson

The options are expected to be at the root level, that was a change at some point with the phantomjs lib and the original initialization of that object wasn't removed. Feel free to do a PR, thanks!

Jordan Kasper

Coolio, Wasn't sure which direction the code was going! ;)

Jordan Kasper jakerella referenced this issue from a commit in jakerella/grunt-contrib-jasmine September 10, 2013
Jordan Kasper Removed unused 'phantomjs' options object from task per issue #82 in …
…main repo.
Jarrod Overson jsoverson closed this September 10, 2013
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