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@@ -169,8 +169,9 @@ Turn on preservation of comments.
- `false` will strip all comments
- `'all'` will preserve all comments in code blocks that have not been squashed or dropped
-- `'some'` will preserve all comments that start with a bang (`!`) or include a closure compiler style directive (`@preserve` `@license` `@cc_on`)
+- `'some'` will preserve all comments that include a closure compiler style directive (`@preserve` `@license` `@cc_on`)
- `Function` specify your own comment preservation function. You will be passed the current node and the current comment and are expected to return either `true` or `false`
+- `RegExp` `'/[RegExp]/'` will preserve comments matching given RegExp or stringified RegExp
#### banner
Type: `String`

2 comments on commit cc846ac


This is wrong; the changes should be made in the docs folder.

Apart from that, tests broke. What is the equivalent of the old some option?


Never mind, I went with 0511085

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