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A collection of general use grunt tasks. All tasks are designed with cross platform support in mind and dependencies that can easily be managed through npm.

Getting Started

Install this grunt plugin next to your project's grunt.js gruntfile with: npm install grunt-contrib

Then add this line to your project's grunt.js gruntfile:


Included Tasks

bump (not released)

Bump package version.


Clear files and folders.

coffee Build Status

Compile CoffeeScript files into JavaScript.

compress Build Status

Compress files and folders using gzip or zip.

copy Build Status

Copy files into another directory.

handlebars Build Status

Compile handlebars templates to JST file.

jade Build Status

Compile Jade templates to HTML.

jst Build Status

Compile underscore templates to JST file.

less Build Status

Compile LESS files to CSS.

mincss Build Status

Minify CSS files.

requirejs Build Status

Optimize RequireJS projects using r.js.

stylus Build Status

Compile Stylus files into CSS. Preloaded with nib.

yuidoc Build Status

Compile YUIDoc Documentation.


Help us squash them by submitting an issue that describes how you encountered it; please be as specific as possible including operating system, node, grunt, and grunt-contrib versions.



  1. Ensure your task meets the submission guidelines.
  2. Ensure your task follows the code style guide.
  3. Submit your pull request against master, unless otherwise instructed.
  4. Ensure your pull request only touches what your changing and that it's squashed (ie git rebase).

Submission Guidelines

  • task should work out of box, cross platform, with a simple npm install
  • task should fill a general need and ideally be pure JavaScript
  • task should include tests that cover, at minimal, its basic features
  • task should be linted by running grunt at root of project
  • task should use any built-in helpers first for consistency

Code Style Guide

  • code should be indented with 2 spaces
  • single quotes should be used where feasible
  • commas should be followed by a single space (function params, etc)
  • variable declaration should include var, no multiple declarations


  • tests should be added to the config in test/grunt.js
  • see existing tests for guidance

Currently, testing with grunt is a bit cumbersome--this will be addressed in a future release.

Running Tests

npm install grunt -g
npm install
npm test

See CHANGELOG for release history.

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