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Compile underscore templates to JST file

Contributed By: Tim Branyen (@tbranyen)


This task compiles Underscore compatible templates into functions that can be concatenated and minified with existing source files.

Inside your grunt.js file, add a section named jst. This section specifies the files to compile and the options passed to underscore.template.


files object

This defines what files this task will process and should contain key:value pairs.

The key (destination) should be an unique filepath (supports grunt.template) and the value (source) should be a filepath or an array of filepaths (supports minimatch).

Note: Values are precompiled to the namespaced JST array in the order passed.

options object

This controls how this task (and its helpers) operate and should contain key:value pairs, see options below.


namespace string

The namespace in which the resulting JST templates are assigned to.

templateSettings object

The settings passed to underscore when compiling templates.

Config Examples

jst: {
  compile: {
    options: {
      templateSettings: {
        interpolate : /\{\{(.+?)\}\}/g
    files: {
      "path/to/compiled/templates.js": ["path/to/source/**/*.html"]
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