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  • Drop Node.JS 0.8 support
  • New logging (
    • A logger to listen to events and output them to the console. Deals with stderr/stdout, or Grunt itself has this built in.
  • node-task (
    • Tasks as npm modules that can be required and run independent of any task runner (if you want to manually build a compliant config object to execute it). Can pipe data between multiple tasks (think coffeescript transpilation + uglify in a single step). All task output emitted as events.
    • A library for parsing configurations (merge options, template expansion, glob expansion (using lib from item #2) from the current Gruntfile format, into a valid form for running node-task compliant modules. Will support user-defined middleware for controlling config output.
    • A task runner which uses config parsing library from item #3 to execute node-task compatible modules (can be used programmatically, or via cli). Supports defining "alias" tasks which compile a set of tasks which can be run in parallel See:

Grunt 0.5

Update Release

See for updated information.

Out of Date Information / Drafts

0.5 Gruntfile Ideas

var grunt = require('grunt');

  // defaults for cli
  grunt: {
    dryRun: true,
    stack: true,
    verbose: true,
    // what about defining loggers specific to a task?
    // is this required in your gruntfile or on by default?
    logger: [require('grunt-logger')]
  jshint: {
    // ...
  concat: {
    // ...
  min: {
    // ...

grunt.registerTask(require('grunt-contrib-uglify'), 'min'); // optional second param renames

// generates a node-task compliant object and runs grunt.registerTask on it
grunt.registerTask('name','description', function (config) {

// load a set of tasks to be run in parallel
grunt.registerTask('name', ['jshint', 'concat'], { parallel:true });

// i think the cli should call this, but putting it here because you mentioned thinking it should go here.;

Please ignore the section below. It is a jumbled mess/work in progress and should not be considered anything resembling a roadmap.

527 - parallel execution of tasks 545 - conditional compilation (probably belongs on the watch task) 493 - cwd handling

  • more specific error codes
    • Task not found
    • Task failed
    • Task requirement not met
    • Config requirement not met




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