This is sample output generated by the grunt-init "gruntfile" template.
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grunt-init "gruntfile" sample

This is sample output generated by the grunt-init "gruntfile" template.

Note: this repository was generated dynamically using grunt-init v0.2.0rc1. Instead of reporting issues here, please report any issues with this init template as grunt-init issues. Instead of watching or forking this repository, watch grunt-init instead.

Project Creation Transcript

The following is a transcript of the session in which this project and repository were created. This is not actually a part of the grunt-init "gruntfile" template, this session transcript was added afterwards. The text after the $ are the commands that were executed, and everything else is program output.

If you want to see the repository exactly as it was created by grunt-init, view the "generated" branch.

Note that this entire build process is automated by a rather complex expect script, which is used to automate grunt-init in order to facilitate the creation of this and other sample repositories.

$ mkdir grunt-init-gruntfile-sample && cd grunt-init-gruntfile-sample

$ git init
git remote add origin
Initialized empty Git repository in /private/tmp/grunt-init-gruntfile-sample/.git/

$ git remote add origin

$ grunt-init gruntfile
Running "init:gruntfile" (init) task
This task will create one or more files in the current directory, based on the
environment and the answers to a few questions. Note that answering "?" to any
question will show question-specific help and answering "none" to most questions
will leave its value blank.

"gruntfile" template notes:
This template tries to guess file and directory paths, but you will most likely
need to edit the generated Gruntfile.js file before running grunt. If you run
grunt after generating the Gruntfile, and it exits with errors, edit the file!

Please answer the following:
[?] Is the DOM involved in ANY way? (Y/n) 
[?] Will files be concatenated or minified? (Y/n) 
[?] Will you have a package.json file? (Y/n) 
[?] Do you need to make any changes to the above before continuing? (y/N) 

Writing Gruntfile.js...OK

Initialized from template "gruntfile".

Done, without errors.

$ tree -I node_modules
└── Gruntfile.js

0 directories, 1 file

$ npm install >/dev/null 2>&1 # You typically want to see the output of this command.

$ grunt
Fatal error: Unable to find local grunt. For help, visit

$ tree -I node_modules
├── Gruntfile.js
└── npm-debug.log

0 directories, 2 files

$ git add .

$ git commit -m 'Committing sample grunt-init "gruntfile" template output.'
[master (root-commit) de6bb02] Committing sample grunt-init "gruntfile" template output.
 1 file changed, 74 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 Gruntfile.js