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tkellen commented Oct 15, 2012

add this to all applicable templates.

see gruntjs/grunt#433


Updated the title of this, if anyone wants to work on this comment on this issue. Marked as "needs PR".


I have some time to work on this.


@jrrickard Awesome! Let us know if you need any details or help for the pull request :)


I think I've got it, I'll summarize and you can tell me if I am wrong :)

The officially supported init templates should all get contribution guidelines added so users end up with a file. Looks like the jquery template has it?

I forked all the repos and added a file to root/updated the README template for everything else (jquery already had it). I'll make a PR if that's right.


@jrrickard seems right. // @tkellen any feedback regarding this?

shama commented Dec 19, 2013

Some of the guidelines would need to be a little different. Such as only grunt-init-jquery uses phantomjs. grunt-init-node and grunt-init-commonjs generate a lib/ folder (instead of a src and dist). grunt-init-gruntplugin generates a tasks/ folder.

This line:

Open test/*.html unit test file(s) in actual browser to ensure tests pass everywhere.

Would only apply to grunt-init-jquery as well.



@shama Yeah, I reworded them a little bit so they were slightly more generic, since they are all pretty similar (except the lib vs tasks directory generation). the run grunt-init node line is actually different for each of the templates. Let me know if this is good and I'll make the PR.


Contribution Guide

See the wiki for the complete contribution guide.

Code style

Regarding code style like indentation and whitespace, follow the conventions you see used in the source already.

Modifying the code

First, ensure that you have the latest Node.js and npm installed.

Test that Grunt's CLI is installed by running grunt --version. If the command isn't found, run npm install -g grunt-cli. For more information about installing Grunt, see the getting started guide.

Submitting pull requests

  1. Create a new branch, please don't work in your master branch directly.
  2. Clone the repo into ~./grunt-init
  3. Fix stuff.
  4. Run grunt-init node on a new directory
  5. Run npm install to install all dependencies
  6. Run grunt to grunt the new template code
  7. Repeat until no errors.
  8. Update the documentation to reflect any changes.
  9. Push to your fork and submit a pull request.
shama commented Dec 20, 2013

Nice Jeremy, looks good. Except I don't know if steps 2, 4 and the wording in 6 will apply to the contributing guide here. As they are intended as a starting point for new projects as opposed to contributing guidelines for the grunt-init projects.


@jrrickard could that be updated and sent as a pull request?


@vladikoff yep, sorry for the delay. I got pretty sick before Christmas. Working on the PR now.


@jrrickard ah no worries, Hope all is well now! 🎉


@jrrickard are you still working on this?


Implemented this change in PR #89, feedback? 😄

@vladikoff vladikoff closed this Dec 3, 2014
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