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Latest commit 9959ed9 Dec 14, 2013 Kyo Nagashima Set `grunt.util.linefeed` for `copyAndProcess()`
`copyAndProcess()` converts line endings on Windows as mentioned in
issue #42. This should be configurable.

`grunt.template.process` uses `grunt.util.normalizelf()`, and this
function looks `grunt.util.linefeed` for line endings normalization;
therefore setting this property fixes a problem on Windows.

I think Git's `[core.autocrlf][1]` configuration helps to determine
whether `grunt-init` should normalize LF or not. If this configuration
is `input` or `true`, there is no problem with LF normalization.

`grunt-init` should set `grunt.util.linefeed` to `\n` when
`core.autocrlf` is `false` for preventing LF normalization.

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grunt-init Set `grunt.util.linefeed` for `copyAndProcess()` Dec 14, 2013