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#!/usr/bin/expect -f
if {$argc == 0} {
# No template specified, iterate over all templates.
set templates [list jquery commonjs node gruntplugin gruntfile]
} else {
# One or more templates were specified, iterate over those.
set templates [lrange $argv 0 end]
foreach template $templates {
set project "grunt-init-$template-sample"
# Disable git pushing when debugging.
set gitpush 1
# Grunt version
set version [exec grunt --version]
# Stop any already-running logging.
# Start logging fresh, saving output for later use.
log_file -noappend /tmp/grunt-expect-out
# Spawn bash without all my crazy dotfiles stuff.
set timeout -1
spawn bash --noprofile --norc
match_max 100000
# Make the prompt look nice.
expect "$ "
send "PS1='\n$ '\r"
expect "\r"
# Cleanup any existing session.
expect "$ "
send "cd /tmp\r"
expect "$ "
send "rm -rf /tmp/$project\r"
# Session logging starts here.
expect "$ "
send "mkdir $project && cd $project\r"
# Initialize the current directory.
expect "$ "
send "git init\r"
expect "$ "
send "git remote add origin$project.git\r"
# Note that the "--no-color" will be stripped out later.
expect "$ "
send "grunt init:$template --no-color\r"
# Don't start answering prompts until this line is encountered.
expect "Please answer the following:"
# Loop over all prompts.
expect {
"Do you need to make any changes to the above before continuing? (y/N)" {send "\r"}
"Project name (grunt-init-jquery-sample)" {send "grunt-sample\r"; exp_continue}
"Project title (Grunt Sample)" {send "Sample Grunt jQuery Plugin\r"; exp_continue}
") " {send "\r"; exp_continue}
# Pre-grunt file structure.
expect "$ "
send "tree\r"
# Let grunt grunt the newly-created file structure.
expect "$ "
send "grunt --no-color\r"
# Post-grunt file structure. Any built files should appear here.
expect "$ "
send "tree\r"
# Commit everything.
expect "$ "
send "git add .\r"
expect "$ "
send "git commit -m 'Committing sample \"grunt init:$template\" task output.'\r"
# Session logging stops here.
expect "$ "
send "# EOF\n"
# Add meta-content to the README.
expect "$ "
send "echo -e '# Grunt \"init:$template\" sample
This is sample output generated by the \"grunt init:$template\" task.
_Note: this repository was generated dynamically using $version. Instead of
reporting issues here, please report any issues with this init template as
\[grunt issues\]\[issues\]. Instead of watching or forking this repository,
watch \[grunt\]\[grunt\] and use the grunt \[init task\]\[init\]._
## Project Creation Transcript
The following is a transcript of the session in which this project and
repository were created. This is not actually a part of the \[grunt\]\[grunt\]
\"init:$template\" template, this session transcript was added afterwards. The
text after the `$` are the commands that were executed, and everything else is
program output.
**If you want to see the repository exactly as it was created by grunt, \[view
the \"generated\" branch\]\[prev\].**' >\r"
expect "$ "
send "echo -e '
Note that this entire build process is automated by a rather complex \[expect
script\]\[expect\], which is used to automate grunt in order to facilitate the
creation of this and other \[init task\]\[init\] sample repositories.
```' >>\r"
expect "$ "
# Strip out everything before the "mkdir" and after the "EOF". Also remove any "--no-color" bits.
send "cat /tmp/grunt-expect-out | perl -ne's/ --no-color//;if(/^\\\$ mkdir/){\$x=1}elsif(/^\\\$ # EOF/){\$x=0}\$x&&print\$_' >>\r"
expect "$ "
send "echo -e '```
' >>\r"
# Commit again.
expect "$ "
send "git branch generated\r"
expect "$ "
send "git add .\r"
expect "$ "
send "git commit -m 'Adding project creation transcript.'\r"
# Push to GitHub.
if {$gitpush} {
expect "$ "
send "git push -uf --all origin\r"
expect "$ "
send "exit\r"
expect eof
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