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Performance - Multiple Processes #523

iammerrick opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Grunt is awesome, the trouble is everything is executed in a serial order which is indeed what you most often want. This can seriously hurt the build time when it isn't always necessary. I would love to discuss and help implement a way to execute grunt taks in child processes. This way I can be compiling my CSS and linting my JavaScript at the same time. :-)

grunt.registerAsyncTask('async', 'lint compass');

grunt.registerTask('build', 'async test');

In the case above lint and compass would be executed at the same time using child processes and than test would be executed after both are run.




I have a similar idea but for running the items in a multitask in parallel. These are complementary IMO.


Closing this for now, but adding it into the notes for 0.5.

@tkellen tkellen closed this
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