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Review and improve UI build #94

jzaefferer opened this Issue · 7 comments

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We've finished the port from Ant to Grunt, and ended up with more then 500 LOC in our grunt.js. There's probably a lot that can be improved, some of which may influence Grunt itself.

Relevant files:

Of those, rimraf is a good candidate to integrate into grunt, eg. as grunt.file.delete.


We're still looking for feedback on our grunt.js.


Let's talk about this once 0.4.0 is close to release. That will allow us to do any last-minute tweaks that you might need before release.


Heya Jörn,

We're getting very close to 0.4 Would you like to open this discussion again? I'd be happy to have a look and see if things have developed in the contrib-series enough to help out with some of what you're doing.


After 0.4 is released, I'd love to go through the UI build process with you guys and help you refactor it to be more awesome.


I've just updated the branch to rc6, no issues this time (unlike going to rc4).


I'm going to pull this out of the issues tracker. Let's catch up in IRC shortly after 0.4 is released.

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