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piuccio commented Jan 14, 2014

I'm having a weird error when running grunt with lot of tasks (~500).

The issue happens while running grunt-uglify but the root cause is the high number of multi tasks.

[RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded]
>> Uglifying source "rtl/dist/widget.history.unpack.js" failed.
Warning: Uglification failed.
Maximum call stack size exceeded. 
 Use --force to continue.
Aborted due to warnings.

With this pull request all tasks are now asynchronous and next task will run in a 'new' stack after the next tick.

This is very similar to gruntjs/grunt-contrib-imagemin#132


just out of curiosity, what are you doing that requires 500 tasks?


@piuccio Thanks for the PR, marked as part of 0.4.3, we will look at this.

piuccio commented Jan 15, 2014

@eddiemonge it's not the best project organization ever, but I have few thousands files in a very large project.
Files are analyzed by a task that generates the grunt configuration for concatenation and minification from a dependency management system.

This task generates a grunt uglify task for each destination file, and recently we passed the threshold of maximum stack size (~500).

@cowboy cowboy closed this in cc9941a Jan 22, 2014

Won't this break stuff like tests?

Here's an example test from grunt-usemin which is now failing:

  it('should work on CSS files', function () {
    grunt.file.write('images/test.23012.png', 'foo');
    grunt.file.write('images/misc/test.2a436.png', 'foo');
    grunt.log.muted = true;
    grunt.config('usemin', {css: 'style.css'});
    grunt.file.copy(path.join(__dirname, 'fixtures/style.css'), 'style.css');'usemin');

    var changed ='style.css');

    // Check replace has performed its duty

Sorry, I know there's a lack of context here, but I'm pretty sure these assertions fail because'usemin') now runs asynchronously and files didn't change yet. Is there an obvious way to run these assertions when the usemin task is done?


I remove all uncertainty from my previous comment. This is a breaking change introduced in a minor version update.

cowboy commented Mar 12, 2014

I'm not sure how to handle this. For starters, the grunt.task.start() method isn't really part of the public API and is only meant to be used internally. I definitely didn't intend people to use Grunt like this, but instead to test their plugins like we do with the contrib series.

@tkellen I'm wondering if there is a way we can revert this change where we made it and make it somewhere else, so that people can avoid this problem. Maybe we can add an option to grunt.task.start() that only Grunt uses internally like {async: true} to make this happen. Do you have any time to look at this today? I'm still teaching a class here.

tkellen commented Mar 12, 2014

I'll take a look here shortly.


I have no idea what grunt.task.start() does, I was searching everywhere.

tkellen commented Mar 12, 2014

@silvenon I will push a patch release to resolve this issue shortly.

tkellen commented Mar 12, 2014

@silvenon This has been resolved in 0.4.4. Thanks for letting us know about this, and sorry for the regression!


Cool :D

@vladikoff vladikoff modified the milestone: 0.4.4, 0.4.3 May 9, 2014
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