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What is Gruntwork?

Our goal is to make world-class infrastructure and DevOps practices accessible to everyone, and not just the small, elite group of companies that can afford a huge team of infrastructure engineers and SREs. When writing became accessible to all of humanity, rather than just a tiny “priest” class, it had a profound effect on the world. We believe something similar will happen when it’s an order of magnitude easier to build, run, and maintain software.

How we make world-class infrastructure and DevOps accessible

Currently, we offer the following products to our customers:

Infrastructure as Code Library
Reference Architecture
Gruntwork Houston
Dedicated Support

Infrastructure as Code Library

A collection of over 350k lines of reusable, battle-tested, production-ready infrastructure code for AWS and GCP. Instead of reinventing the wheel and building all of your infrastructure from scratch, you can build on top of a mature Infrastructure as Code (IaC) Library, which has been built by a team of DevOps experts, and proven in production with hundreds of customers.

A key feature of all our modules is our dedication to production-ready code. You can read more about our philosophy behind our modules in our article on our philosophy.

See our product page for more information on the features of our IaC library. Also take a look at our module catalog for a list of supported components.

Reference Architecture

An opinionated, battle tested, best-practices end-to-end tech stack built on top of the Infrastructure as Code Library. Instead of spending months assembling everything from scratch, we can deploy the Reference Architecture into your AWS account in about one day and give you 100% of the code, which includes just about everything a typical company needs: server clusters, load balancers, databases, caches, network topology, monitoring, alerting, CI/CD, secrets management, VPN, and more.

See our product page for more information on what we deploy to your account.

Gruntwork Houston

Houston is Mission Control for your entire infrastructure. On the surface, it’s a simple web interface that your Dev team can use to deploy and manage infrastructure. Under the hood, the web interface and how it manages infrastructure are completely defined and controlled by your Ops team using infrastructure as code. It’s the best of both worlds: your Dev team gets an easy-to-use, self-service experience, while your Ops team still has all the power and control they need to ensure reliability, security, and compliance.

See our product page for a demo of how Houston can optimize your workflows.

Dedicated Support

With DevOps, it seems like there are a thousand little details you have to get just right—DNS, TLS, VPCs, secrets management, monitoring, alerting, CI, CD—and never enough time to learn them all. With Gruntwork Dedicated Support, you get to work with a team of DevOps experts who can help you set up your infrastructure, design highly available and scalable systems, automate builds and deployments, troubleshoot issues, and avoid gotchas and pitfalls.

See our product page for the different ways we can help.

Learn more

You can learn more about Gruntwork on our company website. Or read more about our origin story in our post, How we built a distributed, self-funded, family-friendly, profitable startup?

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