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Module Version Compatibility

Terraform Version Compatibility Chart

The following lists our Terraform packages and their compatibility with Terraform versions.

NOTE: If a package is not listed here, then either it does not contain any Terraform code (e.g., gruntkms) or it has not been updated for Terraform 0.12 compatibility yet.


IaC Package Terraform 0.11.X Terraform 0.12.X
Terragrunt <=v0.18.7 >=v0.19.0
Terratest ALL >=v0.15.8
package-terraform-utilities <=v0.0.8 >=v0.1.0
module-ci <=v0.13.16 >=v0.14.0
module-security <=v0.16.6 >=v0.17.0
module-cache <=v0.5.0 >=v0.6.0
module-vpc <=v0.5.8 >=v0.6.0
module-server <=v0.6.2 >=v0.7.0
module-load-balancer <=v0.13.3 >=v0.14.0
module-aws-monitoring <=v0.12.7 >=v0.13.0
module-data-storage <=v0.8.9 >=v0.9.0
module-asg <=v0.6.26 >=v0.7.0
module-ecs <=v0.13.5 >=v0.14.0
package-openvpn <=v0.8.2 >=v0.9.0
package-static-assets <=v0.4.3 >=v0.5.0
package-messaging <=v0.2.0 >=v0.3.0
package-lambda <=v0.5.1 >=v0.6.0
package-sam <=v0.1.12 >=v0.2.0
package-mongodb <=v0.3.0 >=v0.4.0
package-elk <=v0.3.1 >=v0.4.0
package-zookeeper <=v0.5.4 >=v0.6.0
package-kafka <=v0.5.3 >=v0.6.0
package-beanstalk <=v0.0.4 >=v0.1.0
terraform-aws-eks <=v0.5.5 >=v0.6.0
terraform-aws-couchbase <=v0.1.5 >=v0.2.0
terraform-aws-influx <=v0.0.4 >=v0.1.0
terraform-aws-consul <=v0.6.1 >=v0.7.0
terraform-aws-nomad <=v0.4.5 >=v0.5.0
terraform-aws-vault <=v0.12.2 >=v0.13.0
terraform-kubernetes-helm <=v0.4.0 >=v0.5.0


IaC Package Terraform 0.11.X Terraform 0.12.X
terraform-google-network <=v0.1.2 >=v0.2.0
terraform-google-load-balancer <=v0.1.2 >=v0.2.0
terraform-google-sql <=v0.1.1 >=v0.2.0
terraform-google-static-assets <=v0.1.1 >=v0.2.0
terraform-google-gke <=v0.2.0 >=v0.3.0
terraform-google-consul <=v0.3.2 >=v0.4.0
terraform-google-vault <=v0.1.3 >=v0.2.0
terraform-google-nomad v0.0.1 >=v0.1.0
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