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Static Assets Modules

This repo contains modules for managing static assets (CSS, JS, images) in GCP.


If you want to quickly launch a static website using Google Cloud Storage, you can run the example that is in the root of this repo. Check out the cloud-storage-static-website example documentation for instructions.

What's in this repo

This repo has the following folder structure:

Who maintains this Module?

This Module and its Submodules are maintained by Gruntwork. Read the Gruntwork Philosophy document to learn more about how Gruntwork builds production grade infrastructure code. If you are looking for help or commercial support, send an email to

Gruntwork can help with:

  • Setup, customization, and support for this Module.
  • Modules and submodules for other types of infrastructure, such as VPCs, Docker clusters, databases, and continuous integration.
  • Modules and Submodules that meet compliance requirements, such as HIPAA.
  • Consulting & Training on GCP, AWS, Terraform, and DevOps.

How do I contribute to this Module?

Contributions are very welcome! Check out the Contribution Guidelines for instructions.

How is this Module versioned?

This Module follows the principles of Semantic Versioning. You can find each new release, along with the changelog, in the Releases Page.

During initial development, the major version will be 0 (e.g., 0.x.y), which indicates the code does not yet have a stable API. Once we hit 1.0.0, we will make every effort to maintain a backwards compatible API and use the MAJOR, MINOR, and PATCH versions on each release to indicate any incompatibilities.


Please see LICENSE.txt for details on how the code in this repo is licensed.


Modules for managing static assets (CSS, JS, images) in GCP




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