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Google Cloud Storage Static Website

This Terraform Module creates a Google Cloud Storage bucket that can be used to host a static website. That is, the website can contain static HTML, CSS, JS, and images. This module also allows you to optionally create a custom domain name for it.

Some benefits of hosting your static assets, like images or JavaScript files, in a bucket include:

  • Cloud Storage behaves essentially like a Content Delivery Network (CDN) with no work on your part because publicly readable objects are, by default, cached in the Cloud Storage network.
  • Bandwidth charges for accessing content typically cost less with Cloud Storage.
  • The load on your web servers is lessened when serving the static content from Cloud Storage.

Quick Start

How do I test my website?

This module outputs the domain name of your website using the website_url output variable.

By default, the URL for your assets name will be of the form:[BUCKET_NAME]/

Where BUCKET_NAME is the name you specified for the website with var.website_domain_name.

If you set var.create_dns_entry to true, then this module will create a DNS CNAME record in Google Domains for your bucket with the domain name in var.website_domain_name, and you will be able to use that custom domain name to access your bucket instead of the domain.

NOTE: When using a custom domain, you will not be able to access your site over HTTPS, as Google Cloud Storage does not allow SSL on a custom domain. Also note that you will only be able to serve individual files with the url, such as, as Google does not enable the website functionality without a custom domain.

How do I control access to my website?

By default, the module makes your website publicly accessible by setting the default object ACL to "READER:allUsers". For more fine-grained access control, you can set ACLs using the website_acls variable, for example [""]

You can read more about access control here:

How do I configure HTTPS (SSL) or a CDN?

Accessing through google storage domain is by default having SSL enabled. However, when you intend to use a custom domain, Google Cloud Storage does not enable SSL on a custom domain.

To serve your content through a custom domain over SSL, you can

How do I encrypt the buckets?

Cloud Storage always encrypts your data on the server side, before it is written to disk, at no additional charge. See

How do I handle www + root domains?

If you are using your Cloud Storage bucket for both the www. and root domain of a website (e.g. and, you can create Synthetic records with Subdomain forwarding.

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