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Anrop Auth Proxy

Validates Anrop user before accessing other HTTP service


Code is written in Node.js.

How To Use

Install dependences with npm install.

Copy config.js.example to config.js and set desired parameters

Start the API with npm start. Server will be available at port chosen in config file.

Windows Service

Install as a Windows Service with npm run install-windows-service.

Remove previously installed Windows Service with npm run uninstall-windows-service.

Config Values

The following values should be specified in the config.js.

Variable Required Description
cookie Yes Cookie to get from requests
group Yes Required User Group at Anrop to allow access
port Yes Port that should be used by Auth Proxy HTTP Server
target Yes HTTP url to forward requests to
whitelist no Array of whitelisted endpoints. Each item MUST have a path and an optional method property


Some groups which could be relevant

Group Id Description
4 SFP Developers
5 SFP Testers
7 Operations Makers