Blech + Adler = Blechadler | A discord bot
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Blech + Adler = Blechadler | A discord bot


  • Clone this repository to a location of your choice
  • Run npm install
  • Copy auth_sample.json to auth.json
  • Fill in your discord bot client token and ts server query credentials into this config file
  • Review config.json and make sure serverip, port, sid (virtual server id), category and noticesTargetChannel match your preferences
  • Run npm start

Needed Teamspeak permissions

The server query account needs at least this permissions

  • b_serverquery_login
  • b_serverinstance_version_view
  • b_virtualserver_select
  • b_virtualserver_notify_register
  • b_virtualserver_channel_list
  • b_virtualserver_client_list
  • i_channel_subscribe_power
  • i_channel_needed_subscribe_power

Needed Discord permissions

For the channel feature to work the Blechadler needs the following permissions at least for the channels category:

  • Manage Permissions
  • Read Messages
  • Send Messages

Direct commands

All commands have to begin with the specified command symbol (! per default)

  • ts: Displays all active teamspeak clients with a channel list. Needs to be issued from a channel specified in noticesTargetChannel

Mention commands

All commands have to be writted down directly after the bot's mention. Message has to start with the mention.

  • about: Displays the version, description and name of the bot
  • channel: Same as direct command
  • help: Displays help to all commands / a specific command
  • pick: Picks a random answer from the given choices
  • reminder: Remind a user about something
  • strich: Add a "strich" to a user
  • striche: List all "striche"
  • teamspeak: Same as direct command


  • You can add aliases for all commands, by editing the command_aliases.json, with the key beeing th alias and the value beeing the command it should refer to.
  • You can disable commands by removig them from the commands array in the config. Each command matches one JavaScript file in src/commands