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  1. Clone this repository to a location of your choice
  2. Run npm install
  3. Configure the app according to this' readme configuration section
  4. Run npm start

Installation Docker

A docker image is available on docker hub.
The app is located in /usr/src/app/ so you want to either copy your config.js and your jwt private and public key directly into the dockers /usr/src/app/config/ directory or use volumes to add/modify the config files.

Here is an example docker-compose.yml:

version: '3'
        image: gruppeadler/api
            - ./config:/usr/src/app/config/


The configuration of this api is quite complex.

  • You can find a example-config.js in your config directory. Copy that file to config.js.
  • Generate a ssh private/public key pair, which will be used to sign and decode the JWTs issued by this api and copy them to ./config/auth/ as private.key and public.key.


Key Explanation
jwt.private-key Private key, which is used to sign the JWTs.
jwt.private-key Public key, which is used to decode the JWTs.
jwt.issuer JWT Issuer: Name of the group, which issues the JWT
jwt.audience JWT Audience: Typically the base address of the resource being accessed, such as "".
jwt.expiresIn See:
jwt.algorithm See:
auth-url URL to which api sends authentication request.
cookie-name Cookie to include in authentication request.
cookie-domain Domain of cookie
is-authorized Function to determine if the user is authorized to retrieve a token. The function is called with the response of the authentication request as a parameter. Be aware, that this function only will be called if there is a valid response from the authentication request. So for example if the authentication request returns a 401 this won't be called.
errors.401 Content which should be sent, when a 401 Error occurs.
errors.403 Content which should be sent, when a 403 Error occurs.
errors.504 Content which should be sent, when a 504 Error occurs.


If you don't want to use the twitter endpoints, just leave the screen_name empty.

Key Explanation
screen_name Screen name of twitter user.
base64-bearer-token-credentials Base64 encoded credentials to retrieve bearer token from twitter api. (See twitter api docs)



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