Arma 3 addon for ar3play logging
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Arma3 mission replays.


Parts of the whole

How to build

Mikero Tools are most easily used to build. It will also display any syntax errors encountered.

PboProject is recommended and can be used either through the GUI or the jenkins.bat

The following parts of the Mikero tool suit is required to build:

  • DePBO
  • MakePBO
  • PboProject
  • Rapify

All Mikero tools can be downloaded from

PboProject GUI

Setup your P: drive by double clicking the mapdisk.bat

Set the P:\@ar3play folder as Output Mod Folder and the P:\ar3play folder as Source Folder. Press Crunch


Invoke jenkins.bat with a free drive as parameter, i.e. jenkins.bat P:


These are the global config variables, can be set in mission init.sqf:


  • boolean
  • default: true

Whether replay data should be recorded at all


  • boolean
  • default: false

Whether ar3play-server should allow data from currently running missions to be fetched via REST


  • number
  • default: 60

Stop to collect replay data N seconds after the last player stopped playing. Hint: dead players waiting to respawn count as "disconnected", so increase to a bit more than respawn timeout if needed